Star Track Surcharges

From 1 November 2017 we are introducing a per item surcharge for manually-handled items sent using our Road Express service. Manual handling fees are charged by other major carriers in Australia.

The items that will be subject to the surcharge are those whose dimensions exceed any of the following: length of 117cm, width of 60cm, height of 60cm or dead weight of 20kg. Please click here for more information

In addition, the following items will attract the surcharge: anything packed in a drum, tube, cylinder wooden crate, anything that is flat packed, and any freight that contains liquids, nails, magnets, or glass.

Freight consigned to us on pallets (and for delivery on pallets) will not attract the manual handling surcharge. Where pallets contain incompatible items and we are required to deliver those items individually, the surcharge will apply to each incompatible item on the pallet.”

Manual Consignment Notes    $11.30
Futile Pick-ups Next Flight        $60
All other services                           $19.12
Futile Deliveries Local Delivery Rate
Futile Deliveries (if no local delivery rate) Basic: $14.78 Kilo: 63c/kg
Futile Deliveries (Next Flight only) $60
Next Flight Cancellation or Downgrade $60
Return to Australia Post Office or Business Hub $8.50
PO Box Deliveries $8.50
Overweight Fixed Price Premium Consignments $9.95 per kg
Single Consignment Pick-ups Intrastate $38.54
Single Consignment Pick-ups Short-haul $47.28
Single Consignment Pick-ups Transcontinental $51.76
Dangerous Goods 50% surcharge